Playing Stud To Win – Pot Odds And Payouts

At times there may come a time when you have a good hand in a poker game and you want to put your opponents on a hand. Being able to do this is oftentimes very profitable and you will raise quite often with this hand. Unfortunately for some of the players that don’t know how pot odds work in poker can hurt them very badly. Pot odds are used to determine whether or not to call a bet in poker. Most of the time you will call a bet when you have a very good hand because you don’t want to play the hand very risky. If youd call the bet you may hit the set and some other situation that’s favorable to you. Let’s say you have a nut flush draw on the flop and you’re in middle position. There are 3 other players in the hand and the flop comes down Kc-8c-2h.

Your hand is obviously a winning hand. You’re the player that raised preflop. You bet the flop and they bet the flop. There are one or two outs left in the deck that could make for a hand that beats yours. Most of the time you will not hit your set and you will not bet the flop. You will either fold the hand to you opponents if they call the bet or you will make a half-decent bet and they will fold if they don’t hit their hand.

Being able to determine if a bet will call is the key to successfully winning pots. You will only make money when your opponents can’t call the bet and make a hand better than yours. You are not going to win pots when you hit a hand that is better than yours.

Pot Odds Are Related To Hand Odds

Another way to determine if to call a bet is to calculate your pot odds and hand odds. Simply stated if you need 1 card to make your hand better than the one you already have, you should call the bet. Let’s say you have Q-J and the flop comes out Q-8-2. Your hand is a contenders only and the odds are 9-1. This calls to you calling the bet considering the pot odds. You will hit your hand about 1 in 4 times. But, if you hit your hand, you will make a profit compared to the 1 in 4.

Being able to conversion the pot odds to hand odds is very simple. 2 cards to you hand is about 5 to 1. 3 cards to you hand is about 5 to 1. 4 cards to you hand is about 1.5 to 1.

Comparing Between extremes

When making a bet your goal is to win the most money. But, we don’t always have the best hand in every situation. In order to make the best hand in most situations you need to make the bet with the best odds. The money to play with you hand is very different from the money needed to call a bet in order to win. If you have to call a bet to win money, you’re making a bad bet.

If you’re making a semi-bluff, you will need to have a good hand. But, to make a hand better than your opponents hand, you need to raise when your hand is better. If you don’t raise, they will call as long as you bet large, or bet small, they will see the flush as well.